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Tiles are some of the most durable, reliable, and easy to maintain surfaces, which is why many commercial establishments use this material. A well-maintained tiled surface will last for decades without too many problems. However, the surface’s durability depends largely on the quality of materials and installation. You need reliable professionals who have experience in this field and know the best installation techniques.

We at Better Tiling have been a part of this industry for three generations and have worked on many commercial tiling projects. If you’re looking for licensed, certified, and insured commercial tiling services, give us a call today.


Why is Commercial Tiling Different?

Our commercial clients have different priorities than residential clients. Our team keeps these priorities in mind while planning commercial installations. Here’s a look at some of the priorities of our commercial clients:

  • Durability – Commercial establishments make their investments wisely and want a durable surface that they won’t have to replace too often. Commercial environments are rough and features have to endure a significant amount of wear and tear. Because of this, our team only recommends tiling products that can withstand these conditions and still look good.
  • Aesthetics – Businesses rely on first impressions and want to make sure clients have a good experience on their property. A beautiful office, store, or business environment has a positive impact on clients, which can lead to conversions. Our team will help you choose the best-looking tiles for your property.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining a large commercial space that experiences heavy traffic can be a challenge. It can also be quite expensive, which is why you need to choose a surface that is easy to clean. We recommend tiles that have a good maintenance track record in commercial environments. We also provide tile maintenance services to keep these installations in good condition for a long time.
  • Installation Time – Tile installations can be quite disruptive and some commercial spaces have to close business for a few days to complete the commercial tiling installation safely. This downtime has an impact on revenue that’s why we make it a point to complete the project as quickly as possible. Our goal is to reduce downtime without compromising the results.

We will make sure your commercial space looks trendy and chic and that the tiled surfaces are reliable and durable at the same time. Our company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a lifetime warranty on workmanship so you can be certain the results will be good.

Our experienced team can work on all kinds of installations and they include shopping centers, bars, restaurants, cafés, public toilets, commercial factories, gymnasiums, kitchen splashbacks and other such installations. Whether you own a small store or a large office space, we can tile it efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Book our services online today and enjoy a 20% discount on expert commercial tiling services.

If you want to know more about our tiling services, get in touch with us at Better Tiling. You can call us for a free quote on 1300 537 658 or contact us through our form.