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Tiles are the best materials to use around outdoor pools because they can withstand wet conditions well and are durable. If installed well, this surface will last for several decades without problems. You just need to find a reliable tiling professional for the job. At Better Tiling, we have over two decades of experience in this industry and know how outdoor tile installations work. As we’re a licensed, certified company, you are assured of industry standard workmanship.


Pool Restoration

Pools are designed to last for decades, especially if they’re maintained well. Unfortunately, outdoor conditions, regular use, and wear can take their toll on the installation and cause considerable damage. Most of the damage can be fixed with full pool restoration, which usually involves replacing tiles, repairing cracks, and making sure there are no leakages.

Retiling old pool surfaces can be challenging because you need the right materials and installation techniques to get consistent results. Pool tiling is exposed to constant water pressure and can easily become damaged. Tiles around it should provide proper grip in wet conditions without being abrasive. Here’s a look at our pool restoration tiling process:

  • Our experts analyse the surface they have to work with to develop a good restoration plan.
  • We consult with clients to understand their budget, requirements, and aesthetic preferences.
  • The old pool surface is removed carefully. We make sure the underlying surface isn’t damaged during the process.
  • The underlying surface is repaired to provide a stable foundation for the new tiling.
  • Experts install the new tile surface in and around the pool.

We use the best materials and techniques for this process to ensure the results are durable and satisfy our customers. Your pool will look as good as new after we’ve completed the project.


New Pool/Spa Services

Installing new pools requires a different approach because we need to start from scratch. Our team evaluates the site carefully to determine how to install a durable surface. Once we have a good plan, we consult with the client about their design choices, recommend the best materials, and then start working on the project.

We use materials like highly water-resistant tiles, concrete pavers, sandstone, exposed aggregate, terracotta tiles, etc., in pool installations. Our team also makes sure the design blends in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture so you have a uniform design.

With us, you can expect meticulous work at a reasonable price. Our team will provide a detailed quote explaining all expenses involved so you can make an informed decision. We also offer a wide range of other tiling services.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all out services and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. If you’re looking for an outdoor pool tiling company you can trust, we are a good choice. Our team will always provide straightforward and honest advice on all aspects of the project.

If you want to know more about our tiling services, get in touch with us at Better Tiling. You can call us for a free quote on 1300 537 658 or contact us through our form.