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A splashback is one of the most vital aspects of your kitchens design. Regardless of the material and product you choose, it does become the focal point of that space. Most people prefer tile splashbacks, because they are very versatile, available in a wide variety of designs and colours, suitable for different applications and budgets.


Types of Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Regardless of how expansive your splashback is, the right kind of tile choices can add a very distinctive look to your kitchen space. Let’s a look at the different types of tiles that can be used in kitchen splashback installations:

  • Laser-cut tiles– These tiles have very elaborate and intricate designs that are all pieced together just like the pieces of a puzzle. Some of these products can be pricier, especially if they have materials such as marble, quartz or even silver-backed glass embeds in them. These tiles are very ornate and look stunning in areas like clubs, pubs or even classy hotels and upscale restaurants.
  • Mirror Tiling– These tiles are made of tiny mirrors assembled to create a mirrored splashback that looks stunning and aesthetically appealing. This feature will fit in perfectly with a kitchen area that requires an uplift. It can be installed in a serving station or butler’s pantry or even a buffet area. It’s why these tiles are generally used in restaurants and fast food eateries.
  • Diagonal Tiles– These commercial tiles give a spin to standard tiles as they are installed diagonally. The installation of these features is more labour-intensive than standard tiling, which can increase the overall cost of the project by a small margin. These types of kitchen splashbacks create a style statement and become the focal point of your kitchen.
  • Large-patterned Tiles– One of the latest commercial tiling trends are big and bold patterns. Many companies manufacture overscale patterns which can be customised to be repeated, just in the manner that wallpaper is. When these types of tiles are used, it becomes important to lay out the wall space in a well-planned manner; it helps ensure that the kitchen splashback design looks seamless.
  • Subway Tile– This simple and basic tile has made a stupendous comeback in the past few years. It is a classic that is seen in subway stations across the world. Today many commercial establishments are opting to get these titles installed from counter to ceiling splashbacks in commercial spaces.
  • Custom Tiles– Many commercial clients want something entirely unique, but isn’t available on the market. This is where customised items come into the picture. Many tile manufacturers now offer unique coloured and shaped specialty tiles. This helps you create the exact look that you want on your property. Custom mosaic tiles are also very popular, and add a stunning look to upscale restaurants, hotels as well as food courts at entertainment venues.

Regardless of the types of tiles use for your kitchen splashbacks, it’s important to hire the services of a skilled and expert tile installer for the job. For more information about our services, feel free to call Better Tiling at 1300 537 658 or contact us through our form.